Reflection for Media Production 1

My interest in design started in the seventh grade, and continues to grow. Since coming to St. Mary’s, I’ve wanted to take classes relative to design. Luckily, soon after I arrived, the visual communication design minor was created and I jumped at the opportunity.

Today media production is a prerequisite to graphic design and a requirement for my minor. I couldn’t be more excited for this year to be taking not only media production but also graphic design.

Discovering my skills and passions led me to look at a career where I can contribute to web design while also educating. Originally, I looked into EdX. However, due to a recent opportunity at LUSH, I’d like to do the same types of things but with our website.

LUSH is a Fresh Handmade cosmetics company that that donated over $10 million to 850+ grassroots charities in 42 countries in less than 10 years. I’d love to put my passion for both charity and graphic design together to help redesign our website, write articles about our charities and help with our ethical campaigns.

I know media items are timely, so I’ll need to prepare good time management. Also, I’m not experienced with the online tools we’ll be using. So, I plan on practice these skills greatly.

My hope for this class is to gain more skills and prefect my current skills to later transfer onto my career. I can’t wait to see everything I’ll be capable of after this semester. I’m overly excited and looking forward to diving into our projects.

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