Goelz Dinner Series-October edition

The Goelz Dinner Series, provided to us by the Meadows Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, is open to graduate students and undergraduate scholar students from St. Mary’s University’s  Greehey School of Business. The Event consists of hearing from local and regional business executives, networking with other students and participate in a Q&A to gain a better insight into the business field.

img_20161121_113250Mr. Stringfellow during the Q&A giving some advise from the business world to the students.

In this October edition of the Goelz we heard from Julissa Carielo,President and CEO of Tejas Premier Building Contractor, Inc., Rebecca Cedilla, Chairmen of the Board at San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, Chris Martinez, President and CEO of  Central Electric and Tom Stringfellow, President and Chief Investment Officer of  Frost Investment Advisors. This edition was very family oriented; multiple speakers throughout the event spoke of the important balance between family and business. Mrs. Martinez even spoke of sharing her work life with the kids in the family, explaining the business and what happens to mom and dad all day when they’re away at work and not with the kids. She shared that when there is open communication about work with the kids, they feel more involved and are more inclined to share with you too.