Final Thoughts As I Wrap Up Media Production

First and foremost I’ve waited two years to take a class from Brother Dennis. I knew he was the ONLY person who taught graphic design [which I’m more than excited about for the spring] and now, I’m here with a semester full of knowledge, growth and finally being able to learn from him. I can honestly say that it was well worth the wait. During this past semester I was able to learn countless skills, programs and how to use my eye for art.

The thing I’m most grateful for though is that I’ve learned a lot about myself. I learned that picking visual communication design (VCD) as my minor has probably been one for the best choices I’ve made in college. I know that this class, media production, is just the beginning but I love it. I have grown to love it so much so that I’ve pick it to be my masters as well, now I just have to pick between a M.A or a M.F.A but that comes later.

From this class I’ve been able to greatly appreciate my visual and hands on way of learning, even more so appreciate professors like Brother Dennis that take these ways of learning into consideration when making the assignments. Due to this I was able to learn fast, apply my skills faster and actually see my growth. Just last week I was explaining to my Mom that my first video editing assignment took me 4-6hours because I was unexperienced and unsure, now it takes me about 2hours to do audio and visual editing. I’m very proud to say that it’s because of this class. If we didn’t have ‘mini’ or ‘practice’ assignments for our projects I wouldn’t have the comfort of asking questions and messing up but I know that it’s okay now, that it’s just part of learning and mostly that feedback is important.

With the constantly rising tech heavy field, this class in it self can do nothing but good also for anyone’s career. I’ve added the skills and systems that I’ve learned onto my LinkedIn and have gotten great feedback and even some job offers already! I also spoke to my manager about my future career in the company and he too agreed that the skills I’ve gained this semester and the ones I will gain through VCD will benefit me greatly.

Lastly, I just want to say thank you for the partnering and group work. I’ve made one of my greatest friends because of this class. Someone who has similar goals and we’ve been able to help each other grow and learn together.

I’ve gained SO much from this one class, It’s hard to put into words but I look forward to what the next year I have left will bring with VCD!