Holly Basaldu is currently in Content Moderation at TaskUs where she takes the opportunity to develop herself in her home town of San Antonio, Texas. She enjoys the common values and ethics between her and the company. At TaskUs they live by the following core vales: inspire others by believing in yourself, do more with less, always strive for excellence, exercise emotional intelligence, work hard have fun, be ridiculous, teamwork makes the dream work and continues self improvement. She enjoys being able to dive into these core vales, especially doing more with less. She showcases this in her work both in and out of the office.

She discovered most of her passions at St. Mary’s University, where she studiedĀ speech communication and visual communication design. She came to this educational choice after finding that science (pre-vet, her original choice of study) was not her strong suit. After making this change, she quickly fell in love with communication and design. With these interests she’s built skills in Adobe Acrobat, Excel, PowerPoint and more. With a love for education, she continues to build her skills through lynda.com and other resources.

Collecting her skills, she aspires to get a master’s degree and join the TaskUs BED team where she can use her multi-media skills to educate, advocate and promote positive social change.