Goelz Dinner Series-October edition

The Goelz Dinner Series, provided to us by the Meadows Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, is open to graduate students and undergraduate scholar students from St. Mary’s University’s  Greehey School of Business. The Event consists of hearing from local and regional business executives, networking with other students and participate in a Q&A to gain a better […]

Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookies by Daniela Borrego  Videography and Production by Holly Basaldu  In the link above Daniela Borrego shows us how to make sugar cookies from scratch, while telling us a little about her life in the kitchen. As we follow her into the oven we’ll also discover how she came to like cooking and why […]

Fall 2016 Media Production Classmates

(From Left to Right in Front Row): Sydnee S. Hodge, Carmen R. Morales-Escuedero, Holly S. Basaldu, Alexis I. Zepeda, Chao Lan Wu, Ye Lu (Paris) Xu, Isabel Vera. (From Left to Right in Back Row): Sara Y. Jauregui, Steal L. Adcock, Troy A. Grohman, Leslie Ortiz, Daniela Gonzalez, Claudia J. Arredondo, and Joseph R. Dahlquist-Bauer.